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Our Silver Selection will transform your basic cup of coffee into a delicious, bold, and intense beverage that will revolutionize your morning. Perfect to awaken the hustler inside you.

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Hands down, the best coffee in the world. The roasting of coffee is one of the elements that most influences the final result of the cup you drink. We always bet on an artisanal roasting of coffee in small quantities, dried in the sun without washing, and roasted by our master roasters in the montains of Honduras.

About WLF Coffee

  • The purest, hand-selected beans for your health.
  • Single Origin – One high-quality source, no blends.
  • Mountain Shade Grown – No pesticides used and bird-friendly for our environment.
  • Sun Dried and Not Washed – No chemicals or harmful processes ruining the purity and health properties of the coffee.
  • Mycotoxin-Free and Pesticide-Free – Coffee straight from nature without any additives.

Exclusive, Natural Source in Central America

The mountains of Honduras is where only the highest varieties of ArΓ‘bica beans are grown. Our coffee is grown in the shade high in the mountains without pesticides or chemicals. The beans are hand-selected for purity, hand-washed to remove dirt, and sun-dried to remove harmful moisture content.

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