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This is your Automated Funnel Set up Page

Follow these Easy 4 Steps to Have Your Own Marketing Funnel Instantly.


  • Step 1 Write down your Forsage ID and Affiliate Link

    For Example

    ID 351684

    Affiliate Link: https://forsage.io/i/8kiro8/

  • Step 2 Strip the Affiliate Code from your Affiliate link

    For Example

    Affiliate Link: https://forsage.io/i/8kiro8/

    Affiliate Code: 8kiro8

  • Step 3 Format Your Funnel URL

    Funnel URL: https://forsagestrategy.com/forsage/?id=YOURID&affid=YOURAFFILIATECODE

    For Example


  • Step 4 Share your Link with Everybody.

    Your Funnel is 100% Ready!

    Go Out and Share it with All your Friends and Family so they too Earn ETH with Forsage Matrix Smart Contract.

All data is is stored on the blockchain and publicly accessible at etherscan.io